Sudhanshu Kumar

Sudhanshu Kumar

Ph.D. Scholar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering IIT Roorkee

Research Area

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning

Contact Information +918791525210


I am a research scholar in Dept. of CSE, IITR, advised by Dr. Partha Pratim Roy. My research area is sentiment analysis to analyze the opinion of people avaliable on different microbloggong sites using machine learning techinques. Sentiment Analysis is an emerging research area where industrialists can know the opinions of people towards their product by analyzing the text written in form of comments, blogs, survey response, etc. It is widely applied as voice of customers for applications that target marketing and customer services. It makes use of natural language processing tools and techniques to extract and study the affective and subjective information. Most of the sentiment analysis approaches are based on the sentiment lexicon which is a list of lexical features that are labeled as per their semantic orientation. Sentiment Analysis takes it a step further and provides clearer insights, enabling brands to offer impressive customer service experiences across various channels including social media handles, chatbots, chat support, telephonic and video support, and ultimately retain their loyalty. In our laboratory, we are developing a hybrid system which uses different modalities such as text, audio and visual data to improve the prediction system.



2 month internship in Axxela Advisory Services LLP, Mumbai under Mr. Nikhil Bandale.


  • S. Kumar, M. Yadava, P. P. Roy, "Fusion of EEG response and sentiment analysis of products review to predict customer satisfaction", Inf. Fusion, vol. 52, pp. 41-52, Dec. 2019.